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To bring the exotic combination of culture, history, and the rhythm of Africa to people around the world.





We strive to ensure that people are connected with great workmanship from Africa’s finest. We present an array of products that reflect a bold, beautiful, vibrant and eccentrically dynamic Africa. We endeavor to delight our customers with exquisite, top quality, contemporary African designs, art and crafts.



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Africa has so much to offer, and we provide a sales channel for the people of Africa to help spur their growth. Part of growing a nation is to empower its people, and we do that by providing the tools for them to enter a global market. In doing this, we are not only shining a light on talent, but we are also shining a light on Africa.



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African Beaded Stainless Steel Salad Servers. Hand made by rural Zulu ladies of South Africa.

Beaded Salad Servers

SKU: AG4622
  • African craftwork is a laborious process and each item is meticulously worked on to provide you with a fine product. Great care is taken in its creation. You can proudly possess your own authentic piece of ethnic workmanship from Africa. Slight variations may occur in items with the same theme since you are guaranteed that each item is a new handiwork from an artist. The look and feel remains the same but very slight variations in the measurements may occur. 

  • This is an authentic ethnic product of Africa.